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Best Practices on Innovation

June 19, 2020 - On June 20, the S&T Diplomatic Circle met at the Italian Consulate General for the third internal meeting on Best Practices on Innovation. The main purpose was to compare notes on support structures and activities around innovation, including startups in China. While noting that no two regions' interests and capabilities are exactly the same, it has been instructive to learn what approaches others have taken around innovation including startup support (market entry, funding, leads, office space, fairs, etc.). Each attendee shortly outlined the basic features of his/her country's exchanges on innovation and support for startups in China, noting what has worked well and where there are challenges. The aim of this meeting was to share experiences, solutions, advice, recommendations, and new ideas. Topics included startup recruitment to China, incubators and accelerators in China, export control, support time for startups, and potential joint events. Closing with a delicious aperitif, this event was once again very fruitful and auspicious.

Countries: Italy, Japan, Netherlands, Austria, Luxembourg, France, Portugal, Canada, Finland, Brazil, Switzerland

Participants: 13

Event date : June 19, 2020


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