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Visit To Shanghai Data Exchange Corp.

August 18, 2020 - On August 18, members of the S&TDC had the opportunity to visit the Shanghai Data Exchange Corp., recently described as the powerhouse of Shanghai's "smart city" ambitions.

In the company's spacious office building in Jing'an District, we were welcomed by Yong Lu, Vice President, who then guided us through the data visualization room. Founded in 2016, Shanghai Data Exchange Corp (SDE) is one of China's largest big-data platforms. SDE is a major tech supplier in the building of Shanghai's city-level unified management system, consisting of data analysis, sensors, IoT and data centres. It provides data infrastructure construction and professional services for government agencies and industrial companies, covering data opening, data circulation and data services. SDE currently has over 1000 clients, most of them large enterprises with a huge volume of data.

An open Q&A followed after the tour, in which Mr. Lu explained how the system improves efficiency in work processes. He showed us prime examples, how SDE can help Starbucks optimize personalized marketing by studying customer behaviour, or how drones and automatic work tickets can be used to repair glass facades of high-rise buildings in a timely manner. Mr. Lu concluded by sharing the goals of regional expansion (East Coast and Yangtze River Delta) and governmental (Singapore, Korea) and academic (Stanford, UC Berkeley) cooperation in the international context.

Many thanks to Mr. Lu and the Shanghai Data Exchange Corp. for giving us these exciting insights and to our colleagues Thomas Triller (Germany) and Joey Zhao (Canada) for their great work in coordinating this visit.

Countries: Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Japan, Luxembourg, Netherlands, New Zealand, Switzerland, Turkey, United States of America (13)

Participants: 18

Event date : August 18, 2020


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